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What hours is the bank open?
The drive up is open each day at 7:30 am. The drive up closes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 6:00 pm; and Saturday at noon.

The lobby opens at 8:30 am daily. The lobby closes at 4:30 pm on Monday through Thursday; Friday at 6:00 pm; and Saturday at noon.
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 Why is the available balance in my checking account different than my balance?
The available balance in your checking account may be different than the actual balance for these reasons:

There may be an electronic credit (deposit) or debit (withdrawal) pending on your account.

Any transaction done at a teller window or online transfer between accounts will change the available balance of an account.
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 Why is Online Banking asking me security questions that I did not set up?
The security of the Online Banking system puts up random questions if:
Your Online Banking account is locked due to too many invalid PIN/password attempts.
Your Online Banking account is locked due to too many incorrect answers to authentication questions.
If it does not recognize the User ID you entered.

Contact the bank for assistance.
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What is my password for online banking?
We do not have access to your online banking password. If you cannot remember it, we can reset it. Call either of our branches for assistance.
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Why can't I get into my online banking?
There are several reasons that your Online Banking may not be working. It could be that the account is locked due to too many invalid PIN/password attempts. If you just enrolled in Online Banking, your enrollment has to be approved by HNB prior to allowing a user to log on.

Please contact the bank for assistance.
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Can I open a savings account for a grandchild?
Yes. To open a savings account for a minor child, bring a copy of their birth certificate and social security card.
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Where can I make ATM withdrawals without paying fees?
You may make withdrawals at the ATM at either HNB location. In addition, we have an agreement with Fifth Third Bank that allows our customers to make withdrawals at their ATMs without fees. There is a link to their ATM locator on our website that will help you find Fifth Third locations.
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Can I make a deposit at an ATM?
Our ATMs do not accept deposits. Since we are not a part of Fifth Third Bank, our customers should not attempt to make a deposit at a Fifth Third ATM.
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 Do you post credits or debits first?
In our batch process, credits are posted before debits. This gives your account credit for deposits before checks, ATM withdrawals or other debits are deducted.
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 When will I have access to my deposit?
Generally, deposits are given same day credit. If a hold is placed on any funds deposited, we will notify you at the time of the deposit.

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How many Home National Banks are there?
There are many other banks that have the words "Home" in their name. There are two locations of Home National Bank in Boone County – Lebanon and Thorntown. We are not affiliated with banks in any other county or state that have "Home" as part of their name.
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Are the FREE accounts really free?
We do not charge our customers for things like imaged statements, Visa check cards, online banking or online bill pay, so our free accounts truly are free. Customers are responsible to pay for the cost of checks if they desire to have checks. All accounts are subject to Overdraft and NSF charges if the account goes into a negative balance.
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If I normally bank in Thorntown, can I do the same things in Lebanon?
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