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We have some exciting news! You have asked and we have listened.

Online Banking went through an upgrade!

Some of the main features now include:

  • History searches extended back for 1 year (use the advanced search feature to pick your date range)
  • Pending Items will be viewable (click on the pending items flag in the upper left corner), What's that mean? You know have the ability to see pending transactions on the Website just like the Mobile App
  • Current Features you may want to utilize:
  • e-Statements – anyone can have e-Statements attached to their online banking. They are in the statement format, and will remain in online banking for up to one year. See ANY employee to sign up.
  • Account Alerts – Online Banking offers a large selection of alerts that you can customize and activate. Just a small sample of available alerts are:
  • Notify me if my account reaches a certain balance
  • Notify of a certain type of transaction
  • Notify me if certain account changes have been made
  • Remind me when my wife's birthday is
  • Remind me of my anniversary
  • All account alerts can be send via email or text, you choose. They can also be set to only alert you at certain times of the day, so you won't be bothered in the middle of the night.


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We hope you enjoy the new features in Online Banking!




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